Day Zero

I haven’t slept in at least 30 hours, and in that time I have traveled by car, plane, train, and probably 13 miles on foot.  I also haven’t eaten since breakfast so I’m not sure what’s keeping me going at this point.  Regardless, Trevor and I finally trudged into my parents (unoccupied) house near Ringwood in the New Forest about half an hour ago.  I am exhausted and I’m going to forego just about everything and get some sleep.  Quick highlights from the day, more on (at least one of) these later:

Chased through field by wild horse.  I had to edit this to stress that I am not making this up.

Ass chafing.

That is all.  With any luck the real journey starts tomorrow.


4 Responses

  1. I am glad you are there safe… :)

  2. Naaaayyyy! Naayyyyy! I’m the wild horse you here taunting! I’ll see you in the parking lot near Penzance.

  3. Day Zero and already we have wild horses and asses chafing at Alex’s presence…ooh goodie, this book is going to have an equestrian theme! Right up my alley. Do you take PayPal?

    I hear coconut butter might help. I’m sure you can get some from Boot’s in the nearest village. ;-)

    Carry on…

  4. Day Three. No further word, and no progress on the map either. Are you still sleeping in the soggy tent? Was that building next to the camp site a pub? Have you not located a battery cord yet? Did you already lose/break/forget your communication devices? Any more encounters with wild beasts? Have you changed your blog address to ashortwalkoffalong pier?

    The book is starting off as a real cliff-hanger! Hope that is not what you are doing!

    Be careful….and pace yourself.

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