Here are some good reasons to do something like this:

-You want to feel soreness in muscles that you didn’t know existed.

-You want to get blisters on top of your blisters. Honestly, I thought this was just a cliche expression until I looked at my foot this morning and my blister had a blister. No lie.

-You are excited by the prospect of a 3000 pound automobile whooshing past you at a distance of about 3 feet. To my parents, don’t worry, I’m not in any danger because there are signs thanking people for driving safely. I make sure to stop at each one and make an offering to the god of Irony. In point of fact, I’ve noticed that it’s actually safer to assert your pedestrian status on the B-roads, walking near the center of the lane. This allows drivers to see you sooner, and also gives you a better choice of directions to dive for your life.

So there are just a few of the many reasons you, too, should walk england!

To say that my feet hurt at this point would not do it justice. As a consequence of the damp weather we’ve been having my shoes are never really dry inside and I’ve got blisters to spare. On the other hand, to say that my feet hurt is somewhat of an exaggeration. The first sixty or so steps (I counted them) after a rest stop are painful, but after that my feet start to go numb and I’m only vaguely aware of them after that. The knowledge that I’ve got between eight hundred and a thousand miles to go is also both a blessing and a curse. I can either grin and bear the pain or I can not, and be miserable. Each step is a drop from a vast reservoir of discomfort that, if it were concentrated or if it were to give way, would probably be quite painful. On their own, though, they’re bearable.

That said, today was a short day of around ten miles. We made it to Truro, and decided to call it quits to buy some recovery time for our muscles and feet and my knee (ITB was acting up. I bought an orthotic which promised miracles, so I should be fine, and will probably be able to take shortcuts over bodies of water after inserting them into my shoes, if the tone of the literature is to be taken seriously.)


5 Responses

  1. Jeeeeeeez Alex – this effort is sounding sort-of difficult!!
    Anyway, above all stay safe and rest if need be.
    Keep sending the posts we like to look on the map and check the weather etc ( which, by the way it looks like you are actually getting a glimpse of the English sun right now – enjoy that cuz you know how fleeting it is)
    Cheers & In boca al lupo

    • I’ve always told him: Walking England is all fine and dandy, but HAND STAND walking England, now that’s something special.

  2. I hope one of the items you are carrying in your pack is a reflective vest! Chartreuse would be a good colour on you. In the photo you have posted on Facebook, you’re dressed as drab as the environment.

  3. Additionally, i’d like to add that we were for maybe a mile guided by Lassie along the road. (Trevor)

  4. Hehee Dad! I think Alex will respond “crepi il lupo”

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