A Quick Update

This is just a quick update to let everyone know I’m still alive despite my best efforts to walk myself to death over the past few days, plus the numerous attempts on my life by vicious dogs.

I’ve updated the map to show where I am now. Just so everyone knows, and I haven’t confirmed this, but I think I’m hovering somewhere around 200,000 footsteps on this walk so far. Think about that.

I’m updating from a laptop belonging to the owners of the B&B I’m in now and I don’t want to impose so I’ll keep this short. It’s a Bank Holiday here which means everyone drops what they’re doing and goes God knows where – this means I am experiencing a shortage of library access. I’ll have a newer, longer, and perhaps even more exciting post up within a couple days.


5 Responses

  1. Grandpa says,”Is that it????”

  2. Blast those darn banks!! They govern the state of everything nowadays…even personal navigation!

    So was the B&B owner a dentist too, or did you make a quick detour to have your wisdom teeth removed to shed even more weight? I’m impressed at the distance you’ve travelled in the past few days, but I hope you’re not trying to make up for lost time too soon after the knee injury.

  3. You should grab a pedometer next time you have a chance. Anyone can tell you how many miles it is from Land’s End to John O’Groats, but how many *footsteps* is a far more elusive (and likely impressive) metric.

    Also, the new Carbon Leaf album is verified, I’ll tell you all about it as soon as I score a copy. Also, they’re playing at the blind pig again in June, which I find intensely depressing.

  4. Geez…everyday must be Bank Holiday in England. Didn’t they just have one May 1st? I should think more seriously about moving back.

  5. Still impressed by you as you saunter the countryside, continuing to “cheat death” along the way. We will be sure to “drive” the route very carefully and watch out for pedestrians if we get over there. Good luck!!! and watch out for the driving dogs.

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