What would you like to hear about?

Since I’m spending most of my time alone these days, I’ve got a lot of time to think about things. I might as well make it productive. Reply to this post with things you’d like to hear more about, questions you have, or anything. I haven’t been replying to comments so far (though I have been appreciating them, thanks everyone!) because that would take up a lot of time, so now’s your chance. Also there’s a new update right below this one if you somehow missed that.


8 Responses

  1. I’d like to know several things:

    1. Consider this age old question …. If a train leaves Chicago at 50 mph heading west, and another train leaves San Fransisco at 80 mph heading east, when will they collide in utter chaos? Here is my question, why do we give impressionable children terribly sadistic questions such as these?

    2. How could a chicken seriously come before an egg?

    3. Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

    4. How much wood would a wood chuck chuck?

    5. If NASA builds a space colony on the moon, would you live there? If yes, would you were a Star Trek uniform and call everyone Captain Kirk?

    6. I have more, but I have to go to school. It’s raining here, so I am in solidarity with you.


  2. I’d like to hear about the gardens you are passing…it’s got to be the perfect time for all the rhododendrons and early summer flowering shrubs….the lanes must be full of flowers….also, are you stopping for tea at 4pm?…or is that hard to justify? It would be a crime if you didn’t, at least once in a while!

  3. I’m not certain of any large bear species are indigenous to England, but if they are, I would suggest you find some, and enjoy adventures with them. If you’ve not been eaten, I will enjoy hearing about your, now almost certain, bear encounters.

  4. Here are a few things I’d like you to think about and get back to me on:

    1. Consider this question … If a train leaves Chicago heading west at 50 mph and another train leaves Los Angeles heading east at 80 mph, how long before this ends in utter chaos? … my question is, why do we pose such horrific questions to small children?

    2. How could there be a chicken without an egg?

    3. Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

    4. If NASA builds a space station on the moon, would you live there? If yes, would you dress up in Star Trek gear?

    5. How much wood would an English wood chuck chuck? (we all know American wood chucks don’t really chuck wood) Also, if you could tell me how far they chuck them, that’d be great.

    6. When you walk down the street, play the alphabet game with yourself with different signs … it should take you several days to get from A to Z.

    7. Would you buy a book entitled “Don’t Buy This Book”?

    8. How good would a clean pair of underwear feel right now?

    More to follow ….

  5. Hey Buuuuddyyy. I am going to be seeing you in less than a week and I have a great idea for a series of photos we can send to mitch to piss him off and illicit death threats. I am open to suggestions for other ideas. Also did you get my fb message about the gear/ costs/ meeting place? Cheers!

  6. I realize it’s quite late now, but I require you to have at least one pub adventure, and one unfavorable run-in with football hooligans.

  7. I’d like to know how you would feel if (hypothetically) your cousin was helping to clean out Grandma’s house and came across a picture of you as a toddler showing off his naked backside and then proceded to put it on the interwebs. Hypothetically. And don’t hypothetically ask me why Grandma kept such a picture nor why this hasn’t come up before.

  8. I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with horse racing or whatnot, but Summer Bird just won the Belmont, with Mine That Bird finishing in third. Both of these were sired by 2004 Belmont winner Birdstone.

    Perhaps with all this free time, you could ponder the next greatest threat to America and thus the world: bird horses. How can we stop them!?

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