I’m in Glastonbury for the next few hours, a beautiful town that also happens to be experiencing some beautiful weather, so the plan is to stay here for lunch and a little while after, then move on to Wells for the evening. Unfortunately all the libraries in Somerset (out of Devon already) only allow visitors 20 minutes with no option to buy additional time. That’s hardly enough time to type up a blog post of any length, or really even update the map of where I am, so this is unfortunately all you get for now. As soon as I get a chance for some longer computer access I promise I’ll type up a bigger update to fill you in on the exciting events of the past few days.

I’m going to spend the rest of the time I have on this computer trying to update the ‘Where I Am’ map, but no promises…


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  1. I imagine you are just about to enter the Cotswolds… and have nearly finished walking the Southwest region. Good job!

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