It’s astonishing how computer time just evaporates before you have a chance to do anything useful. I spent the last hour or so tracing out my route on the Where I Am map, so you can at least enjoy my updated progress, but as of right now I have a lot of stuff to say and only around three minutes to type it in. I’ll probably come back later in the day and update this post, but I want to enjoy the nice weather for now.

As you know if you read the title of this post, I’m in Bath, which is the site of an ancient Roman city. There’s a reason for the name, which I’ll tell you about at the end of the day. For now, suffice it to say that I have suffered from an incredibly ironic lack of soap, which I corrected early this morning. More to come later today, because it’s a rest day and I’m not walking an inch farther than I have to.


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  1. Just in case you haven’t checked….the Red Wings are ahead in the Stanley Cup – two games to none against the Penguins! Next game is at Pittsburg on Thursday, I think.

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