Well the library closes in five minutes so I’ve got to be fast. For the past three days I’ve been walking the Cotswold Way and dealing with its rather infuriating obsession with going to the tops of hills and walking around them. Of course, the ONLY section of the way for which I didn’t own a map (and could not, for a while, but one) also turned out to be the silliest, and I naively trudged every mile of it.

I’m making it to Chipping Campden tomorrow or I’ll die trying* thus making four days’ work of the Cotswold Way. I passed a group of seven who were planning to take four years to walk it, so I’m doing roughly 365 times better than them. I’ll update the map next chance I get, although it’ll be a little bit harder to pick out the cotswold way than it was to trace out the roads I was traveling on…


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  1. Hi Alex! Although writing your blog is maybe not YOUR highest priority (perhaps hiking is?), the readers feel differently. You have spoiled us with your wonderful writing and wit, and we are left wanting more words EVERY day – not just when it’s convenient (i.e., when a computer is available). Keep up the great work (both writing AND hiking) and have fun!

  2. Yes, Alex, I demand you update your blog telepathically at 30 second intervals! If the results are not both witty and hilarious, I shall be forced to murder you.

  3. Nice progress, Alex. Now, since you’re going to be joined and accompanied by pals for a while, please be sure they snap some shots of you on your journey. The photos will be a necessity for your book.

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