Here’s what you need to know.

Who I am:

Alex Lagina

Why I’m doing this:

No reason really, just because I can.  I hope.  I also plan to write a book about it at some point, so if you’re reading this do me a favor and get your wallet out.

Everything else you can ask me in the comments, I should have internet throughout this trip and I’ll have plenty of down time to answer your burning questions about what color underwear I am wearing.


7 Responses

  1. Good for you Alex. I don’t care what color your undies are, only if you have enough clean ones for the trip. Be safe & have fun!

  2. Alex – Becky already beat me to the “mother” message, so I will no longer worry about the clean undies situation.

    I’m looking foward to hearing more about your incredible journey as it unfolds. And I am SURE you can do it!

    Stay safe.

  3. Hmmm. chased by a horse on the first day! I hope this is NOT the episode we are to learn more about later. I already know the New Forest well and the horses are questionably horses… or at least, all of 10 hands at the whithers. I’m not that impressed. HOWEVER, ass chafing is a subject which sounds thoroughly intriguing. If you get that the first day you’re not going to make it much further…. Pray, do tell more.
    Love…well cordial regards anyway
    I can’t remain A. Nony Mouse when you demand the email address and web site, so gads, it’s me, the one whose name starts with S.

  4. What color is your underwear?

    • I’d think, judging by the most recent post, khaki coloured.

  5. Dear Alex,
    Thanks for the nice and informative site. I am planning to trek from John O’groats to Lands end this summer(’10). Roughly how much did the trek cost you. I’ll be using hostels and B&Bs and maybe eat in the pubs.


    • Mohamed,

      Thanks for reading my blog! By now I imagine you’re nearly finished with your trek, so I’m afraid my answer will come too late, but I spent roughly $6,000 US, staying in B&Bs and eating at pubs most nights. On average I payed between 30 and 40 GBP per night at the B&Bs

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