This is a link to my Picasa album, to which it is MUCH easier and faster to upload pictures:

Land's End to John O'Groats

And here are some of the other pictures I’ve uploaded. You can click them now to make them ludicrously large!

Hello!  In the hours following this picture I proved it's possible to get a sunburn in England.





5 Responses

  1. Love the pictures! Creative touch taking your reflection since you are travelling solo. The bluebells along the two track remind me of my childhood, and that looked like a great B&B you stayed in with that lovely view of the back yard barn! Glad you were able to keep the camera with you….good thing it’s super small.

  2. Alex – Thanks so much for posting the pictures. It gives one an appreciation for the incredible beauty of the landscape – and of the hard work you’ve been enduring! I imagine walking on a paved road would be much easier than the two tracks (or no tracks at all) – but not nearly as picturesque.

    Keep the pictures and posts coming, Alex! I’m enjoying the adventures vicariously through your travels!

  3. Alex……………….wow, lol, amazing,,,,, great adventures. Keep us posted, we love following your tales.

  4. The bottom picture gave me an idea: once this trip is complete and you’ve walked the 874 unitless quantities to John O’Groats, it will be time for a new journey. You must swim (or, if possible, walk) the 3147 unitless quantities to New York while documenting your journey.

  5. I suggest you get every sheep you see to follow you, infect them all with rabies, and sack John O’ Groats with minimal resistance.

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