Where I Am

Here’s where I am. It’s a pain to keep recentering (I have to do it manually) so you might have to scroll a bit to find my most recent location…


6 Responses

  1. Good job, Alex. Now, is there away for us to see how many miles you’ve gone? My calculations indicate that the walk is nearer to 1100 miles (I think the milepost in Land’s End that states 870 is as the crow flies). What percentage have you covered?

  2. Dear Mr. Alex Lagina,

    Congratulations! I’ve just finished assembling five random syllables from billions across all languages that I had written out on pieces of scrap paper. Out of the infinite possibilities of phonetical combinations, these five syllables spelled your name!

    Vision/Mission Statement and What This Means for You: I’m going to dedicate my every waking moment to finding you and murdering you.

    Capital Assets: 2 months of pay from Pet’sMart, 1 large black trenchcoat (no other clothing), 1 shank, 1 garden hose for strangling, and my cremated gerbil, Creampuff.

    Strategy: Hunt you like the vermin that you are! Cut you! Strike fear into the English countryside like a long-haired Mel Gibson cresting the highland with a battle axe!

    Calling Card/Motto: EX-CELSIOOOOR!!!

    Given my business plan above, I hope that you will recognize the validity and danger of my intent. Thank you so much for the tracking map of where you’ll be. It surely aid in finding you quicker and reducing the inevitable chafage which shall ensue from me only wearing a trechcoat as I hike across England after you.

    Godspeed and may you wallow in the mire of your putrid and woebegone existence!


    p.s. Hope all is well! Love the blog and can’t wait to hear the rest when you’re back. As evidence above, I am clearly bored at work and wishing I was frolicking in an English lea being chased by horses, oohing and owwwing along with you.

  3. Alex,

    As another “mother” I would wish you speedy recovery on the leg at home with your mother, but in reality I totally understand the adventure and excellent decision to keep moving forward to complete your task. Keep writing, keep forging ahead and know we are all proud of you, mainly because no way are we doing it. !!! We will live vicariously through you!!! March on!

  4. I’m going to suggest that this section have its name changed from “Where I Am” to “Where Am I?”

  5. Alex,

    The beginning of your trip has disappeared from the map…everything before Taunton ….hope you can get it back!

  6. You should update this map and put the next marker on Traverse City, Michigan.

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